Thursday, October 30, 2008

Pumpkin Carvin'- with the Egberts

JD's BYU foot ball, Liz's "trick or treat", my witch, and Scott's Harry Potter.

The secret message on the back of my pumpkin


I convinced Scott to take me to BYU's homecoming. It was a murder mystery/ Dance on the Heber Creeper. There was about 200 people that played the game and only about 12 were main suspects and...

Scott and I were main suspects (that is a name tag on my dress) He was Fred Astaire -award winning dancer-and I was Rita Hayworth- the "love goddess" It was so much fun. (ps Jimmy Hendrix did it)

Thank you Kim for letting me use your dress

Cake Decorating

Here are the pictures for you Mama Hickenlooper!

Remember this cake?!? Well after years of failed cake decorating experiences and some bad 4-H project cakes and one really bad demonstration I decided to do something about it. That and it sounded like fun....

I took a cake decorating class at BYU and LOVED it. The pumpkin is from the second night of class

the bouquet of flowers is from our third night of class- cupcake night. I made some way cute clowns, but I don't have a picture of them. You can kind of see them in the case .

And this was my final for course 1. I loved the class so much that I took course 2...
But the class and BYU was already full. So I took it at Michale's but I really didn't love it as much. The teacher wasn't as good and there was only 4 of us in the class. Half the fun of the class was getting to meet new people and just visiting with them. For course 2 we didn't have to take a cake every night. (which was nice, who has time to make cake every week?) We learned how to do more advanced flowers and boarders. But the last night we needed a cake. I made my cake the night before but hadn't frosted it. So i came home on my lunch break and frosted my cake, however after sitting in my car all afternoon my cake melted!!!!

why do I even bother?!?!?

But after class it looked much better!

Belle kind-of looks possessed.
Anyway last night I started class 3 at BYU and it was so much FUN!!!
So for all of you students out there, there is life after college and there are these things called HOBBIES! where you get to do things you want to do just because you can!! it is great! you'll have to try it sometime. There is life after college- believe it or not- and I am loving it!