Bucket List


  1. Spend the night in every state
    • Done: Idaho, Utah, Montana, Wyoming, Colorado, California, Ohio, Washington
  2. Visit Europe
  3. Do humanitarian work in a third-world country
  4. Serve a mission with Scott
  5. Run a half marathon
    • Scheduled for August 28, 2010
  6. Lay in the bathtub and watch my tummy move as the little person inside of me stretches and wiggles
    • Done summer and winter 2009
  7. Give birth completely naturally
    • Done December 2009
  8. Go scuba diving in the ocean
  9. Visit Israel
  10. Own a convertible car 
  11. Have a well decorated home
  12. Be organized
  13. Have straight teeth
  14. Design professionally...meaning.... have someone actually pay to own something I made/designed/created

Scott's- Wendy is writing this... Scott can edit it later.... I just thought these were things he might like to do...
  1. Visit England (that one he told me once that he did want to do)
  2. Visit if not own a light house
  3. Hit a whole-in-one
  4. Serve a mission with Wendy :)
  5. Be a famous country singer... (maybe he will start liking country music then)
  6. Own a small castle on the west coast
  7. Run a half marathon
    • scheduled August 28
  8. Be debt free