Tuesday, May 26, 2009

7 Years

Holy cow!!! Scott and I's first date was 7 years ago yesterday!! 7 YEARS!!! Our first date was to a park with some other friends, we went there once before his mission and then that is where we got engaged!! I love Scott so much! Being married has been GREAT!!! I would post pictures from high school but they are not digital and I don't have a scanner. So for the sake of a picture with this post here is one of our engagement pictures. You hear old people say that they love their spouse more each day and I have already found that out. I love Scott more each day! Here's to eternity!

Saturday, May 16, 2009

Our Bahaman Island Vacation

Leaving Miami

Boy's playing basketball- not ballet- on the ship
Hottie Scottie in Nassau
Us in Nassau- boat in background- notice the cool Prada bag- from the Bahamas- cool white sun glasses- from Provo
Formal night- Julie was mad that her dress got to go on vacation and she didn't
I'll just let you guess

Bunny out of a towel with my cool shades

Our toes
Our "just married...almost" sign in the sand
Oow oow
Jd and Scott swimming with the sting ray
Girls trying to take credit for our sweet sand castle
Liz out cold, actually it was pretty warm
"near far... where ever you are..."
This is not the sting ray that Scott and Jd were swimming with, but a very good replica, except its not black.
Key west
JD and Liz soak'n up the sun in Key West
Wendy almost at the most southern point in the continental United States
Scott there as well
Wendy says it's a swan, Scott still insists it is a snake
The best sunset of the cruise, it was pretty sweet

See, told you it was sweet.
JD and Liz were asleep the whole trip...Kidding.