Sunday, June 21, 2009

What have we been up to?

Scott: fixing stuff
Sprinklers, refrigerators, grandpa's lawnmower,

Finding a leak in the pipe under our vanity in the main bath, watching the plumbers pull apart out bathroom, then fix our shower head.

And chasing rainbows

Wendy: Picking at people's teeth,


And creating fun stuff in the few hours in between

I made this for a friends baby shower- I just put the name on it

Then this cute whips case matches

Then after I had put names on 15 towels for Kims friends- Scott thought his towel needed his name on it too so here you are

(I can't turn this picture- either turn your computer screen or head- whichever is easier)

And finally, Scott's mom made this hat and wanted words on it. They didn't end up quite straight and my needle broke on the U but it is just my first try. It's a work in progress.

Then we went to Strawberry days last night. There was only one booth selling strawberries- so we ate our strawberries and cream- sooo good and looked at all the fun craft boutiques. I love to go to fun festivals like that.

Thursday, June 4, 2009

Not to worry Julie, Abby knows the good stuff
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