Friday, January 30, 2009

So This is How The Other Half Lives!

Holly and Larry had box seats to the Jazz game tonight and we got to go! THANKS Kloepfers! Your the best.
We had a catered dinner and really good personal service . The suites also had a private bathroom and coat closet!

So this is hope for all you moms out there... Holly and I used to fight alllllllllll the time, and now she is one of my best friends. So fear not, your children will grow up- hopefully without killing each other first- and then they will be best friends.
Thanks again Holly, you are the most awesome big sister!

Thursday, January 29, 2009

Too Much Time on My Hands

Today was my day off. Most of the day I was lazy, that is what days off are for. I did however run for 40 min while watching The Sound of Music. So I wasn't completely lazy. And I pulled out the sewing machine and finished a few projects.

Just a fun skirt I made

My "flirty apron" They have these for sale at the mall for $30 each. I made them for less then $5. I did aprons for 4 of my sisters for there birthdays last year and just today I made mine. Aren't they just so cute?!!? I did some that were blue and white instead also, but I think this one is my favorite.

This is a fun little blanket I made. I still don't know what I am going to do with it, but I thought it was just so cute and I wanted to try out my machine. Don't look at the top stitching to close, it is definitely not perfect, but ya live and learn.


I love purple! I always have! I have purple towels, a purple clock, bags, tooth brush (too bad they don't have purple sonicares). Until recently I didn't wear much no one makes purple clothes- I should be in fashion, I would make more purple clothes. But scrubs come in purple so I have some purple there. Purple has kind of been a signature of mine. It is my color, ask anyone! Anyway at one of my Dr. offices I let people pick a tooth brush and purple in a option (the other one doesn't have purple as an option- I should be in charge of ordering we would have purple brushes) I know this might sound silly but I get offended when people don't choose purple. Don't they know that it is the best color in the world! I never put the pink ones out because everyone picks those instead. I have always had a secret competion with the "pink" girls. I am doing better when I relized that no one else was in on this compition. Anyway it is so disappointing to see my box of brushes at the end of the day and have it be full of purple toothbrushes because no one picks them. They should! It makes my day when someone picks it and says "Oh, what a nice color" So next time you are at the Dentists office, pick the purple toothbrush, for your hygienists sake, and for mine. PICK THE PURPLE BRUSH!!

Thursday, January 15, 2009

My Newest Hobby

I am the proud new owner of the Aurora 430 (with embroidery) and i love it!! We had our first class last night. I was afraid it would be too basic and boring, but it wasn't. Apparently I over estimate my abilities. We learned how to take it apart and oil it. The teacher is really good. She knows a lot about sewing and was able to tell us how all the different models work (and there was a wide range of models there- everything from the most basic to all sorts of complex with touch screens and everything. ) However I have to wait 6 more weeks until my embroidery classes start and it is killing me!!!! ("exclamation point times five" Scott's quote. He got to hear me so disappointed yesterday when I found out how long I would have to wait to take the embroidery class.) Anyway more posts await I'm sure that have the projects I create.