Saturday, September 13, 2014

Twirly skirt knock off

 I saw this skirt on line and thought it was super cute! 
 Who doesn't like a twirty skirt! But $50? No thanks!

I'll make it myself
So fun to wear!
And the fabric was some I had gotten for free and just had sitting around. Score!

Thursday, September 4, 2014

The fabric for this skirt also came from my grandma's house. It is so soft and smooth. I love it. The patter was one I had from high school. It was so fast, fun and easy to make.

I have Issues

Ya. I know.  See I have this problem. I love junk! D.I. Thrift stores, yard sales.....My Grandma's house.  She is...shall we say a collector.  And she has soooo many treasures.  Which would be all well and good but I inherited this fascination from her.  The odd trinkets you didn't know you needed.  They are out there just waiting to be discovered.  But my biggest weakness... FABRIC!  You know they say "she who dies with the most fabric wins!" And my grandma might just win. Only to be contended by my husbands grandma.  She died several years ago but we just cleaned out her house last year.  Talk about treasures.  Too bad I had just moved into a small apartment.  It could have been so much more fun.  Anyway I did rescue a few patterns :) and with some fabric from my grandma's this skirt is a little piece of both these amazing women.