Sunday, February 20, 2011


I recently read Don Aslett's book "Clutters Last Stand". And it really motivated me to get rid of stuff! I did cheat a little and put at least 4 boxes in storage but a lot of that was baby stuff...I wasn't going to get rid of my baby stuff! Anyway Scott and I got rid of two big garbage bags of clothes. And there was a lot other thing we got rid of. However there are two types of items I just couldn't part with: Expensive things and Free things. I know they are the ends of the spectrum but the middle stuff is easier for me. What about you? What can't you part with?

Saturday, February 12, 2011

Award Winning Chili

ISU housing put on a chili cook off last night. 1st place was a new digital camera. I need a new camera and decided to enter. (who doesn't love a little friendly competition?) I had been trash talking with some other moms this week, so then I KNEW I'd never win... Well my white chili took first place!!!! I WON!!!!! I was so excited! I never win! My old camera was about 6 years old and had 3.2 mega pixels. My new phone has that many... any way this camera has 12!! times have changes :) Look for better pictures now! We'll see how this goes!

Oh, I also got a great trophy with a fake tomato and a real pepper on it!

ps...I'm still so excited!
downsized_0208111024a.jpgThe kids got cookies at story time this week. Ainsley loved it!
Ainsley and i went to see my family one day this week...Grandpa loves to feed kids treats! She really made a mess with this one!
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Ainsley finally weighs 20 lb and can be forward facing! And she loves to see out!

ps on our way back from Provo Ainsley got fussy. So Scott gave her his phone. Pretty soon I got a text from Scott's phone saying "What's up" Ainsley sent her first text!
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Go Courages!

Last Wednesday Scott signed up for the Utah Valley .com BYU give away. He was asking me what weekend I wanted to go down..etc.... "what ever Scott we won't win"...Thursday he texts me that HE WON!!! WOW!! We got tickets to the sold out basketball game and a hotel!! Holy Cow! so Friday we drove down saw Matt's new house, played cards with JD and Liz, and spent the night with Scott's grandparents. Saturday Ainsley stayed with grandma and grandpa and we went to the game. That night we went to Tangled with JD and Liz (we had free tickets from over a year ago that we had never used and they were only good in Provo). Then we went swimming. Ainsley would have like it a lot more if it wouldn't have been so late.... We went to church with Scott's grandparents (our old was fun to see our friends!) and then headed home. It was so nice to have a change of scenery. I get cabin fever bad!