Wednesday, June 22, 2011

More pictures

First day of nursery. She did better then I did!
Playing in the pool. Mainly she just likes to hold the hose. She wouldn't sit in the water. I don't blame her it was COLD!
Scott has to do 5 internships over the next 2 years. We get to pick where we go. We decided it would be best to go home! What a good excuse to get to go hang out with grandmas! That and I have a job and can't just leave for 6 week, and I didn't want to have to stay here by myself. So I commuted when I worked. Any way we got some really good time with both of our families and they were all really patient to let us invade for 6 weeks. It took that long for Ainsley to warm up to my brother! We sure had fun!!

My grandma found this little play kitchen in a rental house. My mom helped us bleach it and get it all clean up. Ainsley loves it!!! We just haven't decided where we are going to put it!
Just a picture of a cute girl eating a sucker for your viewing entertainment!
Same cute girl trying on make-up for the first time!
Cute girl again! Scott and his mom refinished the bench while we were there.
Cute girl again just hanging out at grandma's house.
I had my birthday while we were there so I got a big birthday party with all but 2 of my siblings. It was really good to get to spend so much time with everyone. Ainsley learned where the toy drawer is and where the candy is stashed.
We went to Scott cousins wedding. Here is Ainsley's photo shoot while we were waiting.

Matt helping her pose.

We can home Saturday. As Dr. Seuss says "The time has come" and it had. It was good to be home and visit every one but it is good to be back and settled in.
Discovering chocolate milk! Yum!
Easter: I'm really behind! Ainsley had never had candy before! She learned fast and LOVES it!
a little too much candy!

This is how most of our pictures are now! Dang it! I should have taken more pictures before she learned what a camera is!
Ever since Ainsley was born I have said she got two things from me: my ears and my curiosity, everything else is just like Scott...
Here she is helping with the laundry
Pushing her high chair from the inside
She made it "all the way" across the kitchen!
and dumping a whole box of (clean) diapers into bed with her... instead of taking a nap
Silly girl!

...oh ya and she got my CrAzY hair!