Saturday, August 30, 2008

20 Miles, 11 Hours, 2 Very Sore Bodies

WHAT WERE WE THINKING!!!!!!! Last weekend we hiked Mount Timpanogus!! We also had our fist camp out together. We camped up Provo Canyon and then left at midnight to hike. It gets to hot during the day to hike.
This is Timp from Provo- ya we hiked this
And Provo from Timp
This is how I felt by the time we made it up the mountain. Snow ball fight in August JD and Liz were good sports to drag us along
This is hiking down looking up. We hiked to the top of this ridge and that was only about half way! Here is the sunrise. I think that is Scott's ear to the right of the photoRandom, there were mountain goats in this meadow there were probably 50 of them. It was still to dark to get a good picture, but here is one.

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

scents by wendy

Last night when I got home from work- grumpy and exhausted I was picking tomatoes from our huge tomato plants, were else do you pick tomatoes? Anyway I rediscovered that I love the smell of tomatoes. They remind me of summer and freedom and I love to eat them like an apple. Anyway I had this idea to market "Fresh Tomato" as the next big Salt City Candle scent. That or market my own perfume line. Do you think Bath and Body would by it? Anyway the next thought was the sad part, Scott HATES tomatoes. I don't think he would come near me if I was smelling like that. The next thought was that Mary's, Julie's and Liz's husbands also dislike tomatoes. We could us it as a "you know I'm mad when I smell like this" scent. But I'm not thinking anyone wouldbuy it. So for now I will stand in my garden and soak up the scent and LOVE summer.

p.s. when I planted 5 tomato plants I forgot how big they get and how many tomatoes I would get and that Scott won't eat them. Oh well more for me. How ever if you want some tomatoes let me know

Saturday, August 16, 2008

Fair Week

As I said before this week is the Cassia County Fair and the Utah County Fair. I was able to go home Wednesday night to party with my family for the day. Scott had to work so he didn't go. I had to be back to work Friday, so last night we went to check out the Utah county fair. It was not nearly as big, but it was fun. We rode the ferris wheel (picture is on the ferris wheel) and watched some roping. Good times at the fair.

Cake Decorating Contest

In honor of the Cassia County Fair and the Utah County Fair we had a cake decorating contest. Really I was making a cake, but we won't eat the whole thing before it goes bad, so I was going to frost both and freeze one. Anyway Scott decided he would help and here we are. You can be the judge.