Monday, July 25, 2011

Water Fun

Water babies! These are some of the kids whose dads are in the PT program with Scott
There is a tap in our back yard and Ainsley loves to play in it.
My dad on a giant water slide at a family reunion
Ainsley playing in the sand at the reunion... I think she liked that better then the slide
Scott and Ainsley getting ready to go down the slide
Ainsley and me going down the slide
A bunch of my sisters and kids
We went to Jensen's Grove with some friends and family. It's as close to the beach as you get around here!
Again I think Ainsley's favorite part was the sand.
Friends at the "beach"

After we went to Jensen's Grove Scott went to his parents ward party at the same water slide! Here is Ainsley and Auntie Kim!

Scott finally got done with class for the summer so it feels like our summer is just starting! We are excited for a month with him!

Saturday, July 9, 2011

Wild Thing... make my heart sing!
We went to the zoo with my mom and some of my sisters and the kids! It was a little crazy but fun. I was excited to show Ainsley the lions. She has a favorite stuffed toy and it is a lion. If you ask her what they say she will growl. So cute!

This monkey was so social. He just wanted to be right up there with us.
Scott was there too but h e took all the pictures!

Our good egg!

We also took the kids to the water park. Again they loved it, and I don't think anybody got too sunburned!

Ainsley loved all the kidos to play with!

Happy Independence Day!
We did a few fire works at Scott's parents. Ains loved the snaps. When we got home they were just going the city ones so we let her stay up and watch them with us. She kept tapping me and then pointing to the fire works. She didn't want me to miss them.

Napping with Grandpa
4th of July parade! She loves this little chair. It has been set up in our living room all week and that is her favorite place to sit.