Thursday, October 28, 2010

Going Private!

Sorry! I know this is annoying! We have been thinking about this a lot! It is finally time! We would love to have anyone view our blog...just not creep-o-s! I always hate it when blogs of people that I kind of know go private, but seriously I'm flattered if you find us interesting enough to read this, maybe you just like to laugh at my inability to spell. Anyway, anyone is welcome! You know how this works...leave a comment if you want to keep on top of our oh-so-exciting life! I'll probably do this Friday November 5!

and for most of you who don't care about my canning...
here is what I find when I go get this cutie....
note the collection of binkies
She can pull herself up!! We are in TRouBLe!
hey blue eyes!

Domestic Diva

Julie had apples...lots of apples. After picking and canning 6 boxes she was DONE!!! So she asked if I wanted any...well not really...they are a lot of work! but it was an excuse to go see we went. I planned to get maybe a box, but I kept seeing "one more good one" so I ended up with 3 boxes! Then Scott's grandma gave us 4 grocery bags. We had TONS of apples. First I tried to make juice...
After 4 bottles I got tired of that I decided on apple sauce. (juice is easier!) I got 18 bottles!!!!
Here is my quality control specialist! (her hair really isn't always this CrAzY)

Finished product! I'm pretty proud!

Friday, October 1, 2010


From our little monster (with scary hair) to yours!