Friday, April 30, 2010

So Cute, I Had to Share


I received my first of two PhT degrees (Put Husband Through)

I wonder where that kid gets her blue eyes...

Monday, April 19, 2010

Lessons Learned from Lightning McQueen

I was digging myself out of the week-end dishes this afternoon and I got to thinking... I like to have my house nice and tidy, but I don't enjoy cleaning it. In fact what in really enjoy is spending time with "the small pink one" and my husband and if that means the dishes go undone, so be it.

That lead me to think about the opening scene of the movie Car (I think I saw it 4 times in theaters- kid you not). Lightning McQueen is racing in the biggest event of his life, and he doesn't ever stop to get new tires. He races that whole time on the same set. Then in the final lap- he blows two.

So I was thinking: as moms- anybody actually- it is so often we do "gas-and-go" stops and never get new "tires". "Tires" could be anything like taking a nap or just a break to watch some TV. But just letting our batteries "recharge".

Cecelia Benson wrote: you don't have to can to get to heaven, goodness can't be measured in a jar. You don't have to sing or sew or wax your garden hose, you'll make it, be the best of who you are.

And with that thought- I'm going to go take a nap completely justified!

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

I'm in love...

...with blueberry pancakes and buttermilk syrup...don't tell my husband...he won't understand.

Friday, April 9, 2010

Pennies are Moneys Too

Scott hates to use change, it collects on his nightstand or the dresses. I love to use change, it seems like free money to me for some reason. So I have been gathering it up and saving it. I planned to buy the stroller I wanted, but then I was given it as a gift. So I decided to spend my change on cloths. I had collected about $40. Not enough for my stroller but enough to get some new items of fashion. Well yesterday I went to buy a skirt and spend the rest of the change- not this wasn't pennies, just quarters, nickels and dimes but the lady at the counter thought this was awful. How dare I use change! It was going to take her and extra 10 minutes to close up- and she had no problem telling me this. The United States of America recognizes change as legal for trade- why is it such a faux pas to use it?

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Our Little Ponytail Girl

The first thing I remember the nurse saying when Ainsley was born was "look at all that hair!" And she really does have a lot of hair. My mom calls her baby Einstein because of her CrAzY hair. Now it is getting longer- although not all at the same rate and it really is cRaZy now- I was tempted to trim it up so it was even. Then I realized I can put it in a ponytail! Oh the fun I'm going to have with this!! I should have gone to beauty school!

We Love Our Missionary!

Mitch's mission farewell was last week-end. We are sure going to miss him. But I have my stamps ready and the letter is half written. I should go work on that. That day was also Luke's birthday. I volunteered to make his cake- big mistake. It didn't turn out well, but he was excited. Luke was so cute about wanting to hold Ainsley and all the kids were good to help. Now that she is a little older their "help" is help. I also got to go horse riding that week-end. Chad let me tag along. It has been over a year since I have ridden, but Mitch and Chad have taken good care of my horse. Good Luck Mitch. We know you will be an awesome missionary

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Sad Day

You know me... I'm not that particular about very many things... at all... I tease Scott all the time about how particular he is. I'm also not a "make up"girl. I don't really like to put on make-up. It makes my face feel funny and it takes too long. I'm not one to make a big fuss... BUT I have finally found a mascara I LOVE and now they have discontinued it. I'm so sad. I looked everywhere for it. I can still buy it online. I might just do that. How many tubes do you think I'll use between now and when I'm 85?

Thursday, April 1, 2010

We decked out for St. Patrick's day- green pancakes, Green orange juice and green eggs- that was a little weird anyway Ainsley's green dress was SO cute!

*Scott and I got tickets with JD and Liz to go to Brian Reagan. Then one of my former employers called and invited us to go- they had already bought our tickets. So I invited Shelley to come down and babysit for the first show and then go with me to the second. It was really good. He is so funny because what he says is so true to real life.