Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Why all my children will have white birthday cakes from now on

My baby just turned 1! He is a bit of a miracle. He is my miracle anyway. He has been such a joy and blessing in our lives.  He came at a time of a lot of change in our family and he just fit right in. The last year has been one of my favorites of our families.  The year before carried a lot of trials for us and I feel we healed a lot this last year.  Anyway I enjoy cake decorating. I have taken classes and love it.  However that was before 2 kids.  Now it is just a fight.  They want to help. I want them out of the kitchen. They want to see what is going on.  I yell.  You get the picture.  So on my baby's birthday this is the scene playing out in my home. I'm scolding my kids.  Finally I stop to realize this is not how I want this day to play out.  This is not what I want my kids to remember. So I stopped what I was doing and played with my kids.  Take a good look at this cake.  There might not be another colored birthday cake at our house for 17 years.

ps my baby LOVES cake!

What Do Smerfs Do All Day

I've had a job since I was 8.  Living on a farm is like that.  I had a built in job whether I wanted one or not.  It did have it's advantages. If I wanted a new pair of shoes there were always beets to hoe.  A new coat, go jump on the tractor.  My dad always had a job for us to do and we never dared complain that we were board.  I didn't really love being outside in the hot/cold/wet/6am/10pm schedule.  So I went to college to do dental hygiene.  Inside job/ac/heat/8to5. It was for me. Well last year after having a job for 19 years (feel free to do the math) I quite.  My husband graduated from school, we moved states, and had our second baby.  So I joined the land of the stay at home moms.  Something I had dreamed about for years making it literally my dream job.  But I was scared...what do smerfs (super moms educating and raising the future) do all day?

 Merry go round at the mall
 And we had a baby. That was pretty fun. He is a year now. I'm way behind

Play dates