Friday, February 26, 2010

Yesterday was Scott's last day of O-Chem lab!! Hip Hip Hooray!! So to celebrate we had a "mad scientist" dinner. Complete with lab coats, awful glasses, radioactive signs, and a lab rat! We ate chicken pot PI- get it like 3.14159... it even had a pie sign on the top! I had too much fun! Anyway no more Chem LAB!!! yaaa- now maybe I'll see Scott occasionally!

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

What do you think?

Pretty good huh?!? *it is a bow/headband holder. You clip the bows to the ribbons and the headbands hang on the metal hooks

Saturday, February 20, 2010

She has a bed. A very cute one. She even has a brand new mattress but guess where she would rather sleep...Anywhere but there.
So this is what our bed usually looks like. I don't love it but it works. Anytime Scott helps me make the bed we have this conversation.
Scott: Wendy we need new sheets
Wendy: No we don't
Scott: Yes we do! These are wearing out
Wendy: Ok. We can get new sheets "when we move".

* Now we have been having this conversation for over 2 years and we have it at least every month. We have been talking about "when we move" for two and a half years like we are about to move tomorrow. Mainly because we never knew when we would move. And "when we move" we will have to buy a bed. The bed we have now is a Full and we will probably get a Queen- you can only handle a Full as newly-weds. It was a little to snug when I was pregnant. Anyway I really don't love the sheets but we didn't buy them so I don't complain. We got a down comforter last year for Christmas and then we bought the duvet cover after much deliberation- we don't make decisions well. And it has been okay. Nothing out of Better Homes and Gardens but it works. Well last week our young women's lesson *which I think I get more out of then the girls and I wasn't even teaching* made the point that you should love your home and you don't have to be on extreme home makeover to up date things a little and change things a little to make it better. And that little changes make a big difference. So I took it to heart. I wanted to do something better with what I had so I made pillow cases. Nothing big- but kinda fun. They don't match the sheets but they really didn't before.
Scott's pillow case

Wendy's pillow case- I thought they were fun! And I couldn't resist pulling out the embroider.
The finished project!

Thursday, February 11, 2010


Scott blessed Ainsley this weekend. It was a beautiful blessing and we had tons of family support. It was crazy but we loved having everyone here. We had 19 people stay over at our house Saturday night and 36 for dinner the next day. I told Scott that I had been looking forward to having a blessing at our house since we moved in 2.5 years ago. Too bad we won't be here long enough to have the next blessing here or any other big family party for that matter.

There was a giant snowball fight Saturday night and as you can tell Abby wanted to join in the fun.

Lots of pictures from Sunday. And this isn't even half of what we took.

Don't you LOVE her dress? It is a WRH original. I should have gone into fashion design!

However she was so happy to be released and get to just lay there in her diaper. That is when she is the happiest!

Friday, February 5, 2010


Scott has been accepted to Idaho State University's Doctor of Physical Therapy Program.
The only problem now is that he is not sure that is what he wants to do... so we aren't having our mail forwarded anywhere yet. But it is cool that he got in on his first try! And I'm looking at places to live in Pocatello and picking out color schemes instead of cleaning my current house:)

Strike Three

I have mastitis AGAIN!!!

Monday, February 1, 2010

Three Years and Counting...

Scott got home from his mission 3 years ago today!! WOW the last three years have gone by much faster then even the two before that! This picture was taken just a month after he got back.