Saturday, March 28, 2009

Sugar and spice and everything nice

Holly and company came to visit last week to enjoy some sunshine- good thing it was last week and not this- it is cold this week-end. We went to the park, shopping, made pizza and ice cream. The girls tried to catch the fish and we painted nails. Needless to say we had fun. We enjoy visitors... hint hint

Every expert was once a beginner

Don't look too close. This was my first attempt at machine quilting. It is not perfect- but I'm learning. There are these little hearts running on all the strips.


We finally figured out why our car was targeted and what they took. Apparently they relised the value of what they took, whoever un-monetarily it was. My camera case and three sd cards full of pictures. The case was the size of a wallet and they probably thought that is what was there. I hadn't thought af this before because that wasn't worth much money- just memories. I had the movie from my collage graduation. I think the Disneyland pictures were uploaded on my computer- hopefully everything else was too. But I guess I'll never know what I'm missing.

Sad day

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Welcome to the promised land

Tonight we were playing games with JD and Liz at their apartment. We got there after 8 and were leaving before 10- I know- we really are party animals. Well we had parked our car in the underground parking- which we park in alllll the time- We've never had anything happen before- or even thought of anything happening. However tonight we got a little surprise. Scott had opened the door for me-he is always so cute about it- and I got in and looked over to the drivers side and what should I find but GLASS!!! all over the drivers seat! Our car was BROkEN into!!!! We called the police- officer Morgan came- thank goodness police work on Sunday. The thing we can't figure out is WHY!?? The only thing that had been moved that we saw were Scott's el chepo sunglasses. They must have been in the center concle and looked expencive. They were in the glass mess on the drivers seat. But we don't own anything to steal. We have off brand mp3 players that were at home along with my purse. They didn't even take the gum that was sitting there. Pretty much they just wanted to be abnoxious and make a mess in the car and make a head ache for me now that we have to take it into the shop. But like my heading says we just get to learn to dance in the rain.

Thursday, March 12, 2009

You're going to miss this

I was talking to a patient yesterday. She asked if I was married and then if I had kids. My response : No. We are just enjoying being newly weds. Patient: How long have you been married? Me: a year and a half. Pt: (she had told me earlier that she had 4 kids and had had the first one before she and her husband were married) I wish we had waited, My husband and I are so ready for the kids to be gone so we can enjoy being together. We never had that honeymoon time. If we want to go out it is a huge ordeal to find a sitter, by that time it is easier to stay home. If you want to go- you just go.

Now I don't say this as an anti-kids post. I love kids! And I want to have kids! I am always posting pictures of my nieces and nephews. I don't think anyone could say I dislike kids (except at the dentist, but that is because they bite me!) I just say this thinking "you know those prophets must know what they are talking about. there really is a time and a place, and if you confuse the system, you pay the price. I am so grateful for the gospel in my life and the direction and purpose it gives me. "

Sunday, March 8, 2009


New stuff that happened this week.

I got a new cell phone- it's purple. I was due for an upgrade, but I liked my old phone, but when I saw this on was for FREE and it was PURPLE!!! I was convinced. Then Scott being the bargainer he is, he got them to drop the price and give us the rebate, so we made $25 on the phone! and it's PURPLE!!!

I got a new filling. I must be a real nerd for posting a picture of my self like this. I had an old silver filling that went bad, so Dr. Jones replaced it with a new white one!

I got a new church calling. Scott and I were teaching Sunday School for the last year and a half. But two weeks ago he got called to be the Young Men's secretary, today I got called as the Young Women's secretary.

And finally Scott got a new wife!

wait... that's the same wife with a new hair cut. Scott said to tell you that he cut it off in my sleep, not true, but kind-of funny.
it takes a lot less shampoo...
Anyway it was time for a change. I cut 10 in off to donate. It took 3 years to grow it out, but that's one thing about hair, it always grows back.

You can take the kid out of the country, but you can't take the country out of the kid

We went home last week-end for Chads Eagle Court of Honor and Kristen's baptism. My dad has bought some beef cows that needed checking on so natural I wanted to go if it included a house ride. I'm still trying to convince Scott that he "shoulda been a cowboy" He is a good sport and goes along, I think he secretly is starting to like it more. I took my camera along, to get a picture of us together up in the mountains, but the batteries were dead. So here are some pictures from before we left. Ashlon is riding with me here.

Luke got his first ride (I think it is his first) on Chester. He looks like he is having fun.
Here is grandma and Ashlon and Abby. Ash really likes babies and couldn't get enough of Abby.

Congrats Kristen and Chad! I am so proud of you both.

Thursday, March 5, 2009


Shelley and my cousin Jamie came to stay last night. We stayed up late talking and then Shelley woke us up early to do boot camp...yuck! Anyway we didn't take any pictures but I had these on my computer from before, and we were such cute little kids I decided these would be more fun!
Thanks for coming girls, come again soon!

WOW! look at those outfits. Our sense of style was just born in us;)

We slept in the same bed for years, we even slept the same and had matching pj's. Notice who is sleeping in the middle of the bed and who is just about to fall off the other side.