Sunday, November 29, 2009

Ok. Let me review:

1. For starters I have not had this baby. We still have 9 days to my due date which means that I could go as long as 23 more days. I still feel pretty good. I'm really tired though and have slept a TON this last week. I work Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday this week and then I'm done. Which could be good or bad. I can rest and get some things done, but I might get bored while I wait. We'll see how it goes.

2. Here are the pictures of Halloween. We bobbed for apples in our kitchen sink. Super fun.

JD and Liz as a spoon and fork

Pumpkin pizza- just the shape- not the taste.

3. We met Mary and her family in Salt Lake this week end to see the lights. Mary had not had room to bring her stroller so we brought ours. We ended up having to wait for them so we pushed an empty stroller around temple square. We got some funny looks. The sister missionaries told us it was creepy. Then we run into my cousin and a friend of Scott's from his mission, they were really confused about our stroller. Try it sometime. It's funner then you think

What a stud!

4. We went to what will probably be the last BYU football game we will go to as "students" (I'm not really a student but Scott is so you get the picture). What a way to end!! Tied 20-20 at the end of regulation. And then wining 26-23 in over time.

I have always wanted to rush the field and last night they let people... so we did

5. I made this dress (out of scraps from a dress I made for myself 2 years ago) as a practice for the blessing dress. This just reaffirms my complex to never throw anything away, you don't know when you will need it.

6. Last week-end I had a baby shower here- naturally I forgot to take pictures

7. Doug, Julie, Shelley, Luke, and Abby came to visit last week-end. No pictures but we had fun. We ate at an Indian restaurant that was super good. We watched "Care Bears". And now Luke thinks I am so cool because I have marble works!