Monday, January 31, 2011

Never leave a child unattended...

...I know that rule... it is printed on all baby equipment... I just didn't follow it Friday. Ainsley was in her highchair, I had taken the tray off to wash it and unbuckled her (my first mistake) but she had never tried any funny business in the highchair so I didn't even think about it. Then I started vacuuming the living room the worked on the stairs and while I was at it I decided to do the bedrooms. Our apartment isn't very big so it didn't take long. Anyway I turned around and there was Ainsley. Just so proud of herself for finding me. She had escaped from the highchair (I'm still not sure how she did that with out falling and getting hurt) and made it all the way up stairs. I'm still sick just thinking about it! I learned my lesson!
Grandpa E gave Ainsley Minnie Mouse, she loves it, Thanks!