I love looking at craft blogs! I love to see what creative people can come up with.  I'm not going to claim to be creative but I have a limited budget and I'm trying to make this apartment feel like home! So here is what I've done lately:

 Scott's mom had these "lamps" that she took apart to make candle sticks.  She painted the one then decided she didn't want them, so we got them.  I painted the other and we are now enjoying them.
Scott's mom also had this lamp she didn't want.  I used the same paint as the candle sticks to repaint the base.  
This little table was purchased for $10 at a garage sale this summer, I painted it red to match our living room.  I think it gives a cozy feel!

Here are the candle sticks finished

These little gems were rescued by my mom and sister from a neighbors dumpster! They were just old cupboards so I added a piece of wood for a top and some spray paint...

Not perfect...but they i need to do something about that purple lamp...any ideas?