Wednesday, August 20, 2014

What Do Smerfs Do All Day

I've had a job since I was 8.  Living on a farm is like that.  I had a built in job whether I wanted one or not.  It did have it's advantages. If I wanted a new pair of shoes there were always beets to hoe.  A new coat, go jump on the tractor.  My dad always had a job for us to do and we never dared complain that we were board.  I didn't really love being outside in the hot/cold/wet/6am/10pm schedule.  So I went to college to do dental hygiene.  Inside job/ac/heat/8to5. It was for me. Well last year after having a job for 19 years (feel free to do the math) I quite.  My husband graduated from school, we moved states, and had our second baby.  So I joined the land of the stay at home moms.  Something I had dreamed about for years making it literally my dream job.  But I was scared...what do smerfs (super moms educating and raising the future) do all day?

 Merry go round at the mall
 And we had a baby. That was pretty fun. He is a year now. I'm way behind

Play dates

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