Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Why all my children will have white birthday cakes from now on

My baby just turned 1! He is a bit of a miracle. He is my miracle anyway. He has been such a joy and blessing in our lives.  He came at a time of a lot of change in our family and he just fit right in. The last year has been one of my favorites of our families.  The year before carried a lot of trials for us and I feel we healed a lot this last year.  Anyway I enjoy cake decorating. I have taken classes and love it.  However that was before 2 kids.  Now it is just a fight.  They want to help. I want them out of the kitchen. They want to see what is going on.  I yell.  You get the picture.  So on my baby's birthday this is the scene playing out in my home. I'm scolding my kids.  Finally I stop to realize this is not how I want this day to play out.  This is not what I want my kids to remember. So I stopped what I was doing and played with my kids.  Take a good look at this cake.  There might not be another colored birthday cake at our house for 17 years.

ps my baby LOVES cake!

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Amanda said...

Congratulations on making it through another year!I bet you are a better mom than you are giving yourself credit for, we all yell. The cake looks great, and you have beautiful children!